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Elektronika čamci sonari

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Boss Audio Marine Tube

prijenosni zvučnik bluetooth mogućnost plava LED boja svijetla mogućnost SD kartice mogućnost mini USB-a Li-Ion baterija FM/AM prijemnik vodootporan Audio Streaming Audio streaming [A2DP] is an audio protocol of Bluetooth technology. This profile allows for audio to be streamed wirelessly from your compatible device, such as a Smartphone, to the source unit so you can enjoy your favorite music or streaming music service such as Pandora or Spotify, wirelessly. Built-In Amp Systems with a built-in amplifier do not require the addition of an outside amp to play louder. You only need a 12V power source, a few connections, an audio source such as an MP3 player or Smartphone, and you are ready to start listening. IPX Rating IPX is a rating standard indicating a product’s level of protection against water. It ranges from no protection (IPX0) to water splashing against the enclosure (IPX4) to complete immersion in water (IPX8) and close-range, continuous high pressure, high temperature spray downs (IPX9K). The products we test and rate have been designed with activities of the user in mind. LED Light Bar The built-in LED light bar helps guide the way. The light bar can be switched on and off so you only use it when you need it. Plug & Play Plug and play systems are the quickest and easiest systems to get up and running. In most cases, installation involves simply plugging the unit into a wired 12V power source. Once you have power, connect your audio source such as a Smartphone or MP3player and you are ready to start listening. SD Memory Card Port The SD Memory Card port will support a full size SD memory card to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Most units support full size SD cards but there are a few that only accept micro SD cards.
499,00 kn 299,40 kn

Shakespeare Sigma Elektromotor 44 lb

-2 godine garancije -snažan propeler -maksimalna snaga sa malom potrošnjom energije -lagano montiranje -7 brzina (5 brzina unaprijed te 2 brzine unazad) Težina - 10,4 kg
1.449,00 kn